How brand innovativeness creates advertising flexibility


How brand innovativeness creates advertising flexibility, Barone, Michael; Jewell, Robert, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. May2014, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p309-321.


We advance a broadened conceptualization of advertising context effects by considering how consumer response is influenced by the competitive advertising context. This contextual variable reflects how typically or atypically advertising tactics are employed by brands in a product category. Study 1 demonstrates that employing an advertising tactic that is perceived by consumers as atypical in a category undermines its influence on brand attitudes. Study 2 shows that this persuasion penalty is circumvented by innovative brands through a phenomenon we refer to as advertising flexibility that enables innovative brands to successfully employ advertising tactics under a wider range of conditions than non-innovative brands. A final study provides process evidence for this effect by showing that brand attitudes are determined by advertising content for innovative brands but by considerations of the competitive advertising context for non-innovative brands.


BRAND name products; ADVERTISING; MANUFACTURES; CONSUMERS -- Attitudes; TECHNOLOGICAL innovations; Other Services Related to Advertising; Outdoor Advertising; All other miscellaneous manufacturing; All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing