Retail experience management based on persona:The case of chef in haute-cuisine restaurants


Auteurs: Dion D. et Arnould E.

28e congrès international de l’AFM

Brest, 2012


How do master chefs reproduce their art on an “industrial” scale? We argue that haute-cuisine retail strategy relies on the particular persona of the haute-cuisine chef. We show how master chefs have disconnected cooking creation and execution and thus have split the persona of the chef into a master chef persona anchored in art and alchemy, and an executive chef persona embedded in alchemic techniques. This strategy works both to render tangible the master chef’s singularity and to industrialize the service offer. We offer some implications for retail marketing in which the persona of a key personage is at stake.
Retail experience, Haute-Cuisine, Restaurant, Art, Chef, Service industrialization.


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