The Impact of Nonprofit Brand Image and Typicality on Charitable Giving


Journal of Business Research
Volume 65, Issue 5, May 2012, Pages 701–707

Abstract :
This research examines the influence of nonprofit brand image and typicality on giving behaviors. To this end, the researchers create a scale to measure the brand image of charities. Four dimensions of nonprofit brands emerge in the new scale: usefulness, efficiency, affect and dynamism. Brand image explains up to 31 % of intentions to give money and 24 % of intentions to give time. The study also explores the role of typicality in giving behaviors. Typicality explains up to 29 % of intentions to give money and 23 % of intentions to give time. The theoretical contributions, in addition to the comprehensive scale, include the significant role that brand image and typicality play in affecting donation behaviors. The paper concludes with managerial implications and limitations of the study.

Keywords : charitable giving; nonprofit marketing; charities; brand image; typicality; fundraising

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