Gender, stereotypes and information processing : An experimental approach of in-group communications


Auteurs : Marfaing, Bénédicte; Tafani, Eric
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science (2011)

Abstract :
This study investigates the way that identity strategies affect the spreading of information. Participants (men vs. women) listened to a message that they had to transmit afterward to an individual of the same sex. Each communication chain comprised 3 participants. This message related a marital strife and manipulated the description of both protagonists (stereotypical vs. counterstereotypical gender traits description). The degree of responsibility attributed to each protagonist brings to light an in-group favouritism in the men's group, whatever the description of the protagonists is. The same favouritism takes place in women's group only in stereotypical conditions. These results are discussed on the basis of the subjective group dynamics.

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