Realization of a photo album on the brand Schindler, an interview and a blog post

How are the visual elements related or opposed to the identity universe of the brand, the meaning produced and the effect on the collaborators?
World leader in escalators and moving walkways, and second for elevators, the industrialist Schindler was born in 1874, in the heart of Switzerland.
You said industrial? Indeed, the visual identity of the brand reminds us at every moment: from the architecture of the Headquarters to the red and metallic gray logo representing the mobility and the ascent, one distinguishes very clearly the traditionalism of the Swiss ascensorists. Ascension of his machines? Yes, but not only. Schindler also promotes the rise of its employees, which is an integral part of the Group’s five core values: safety, integrity, quality, people development and added value for the customer.
Besides, how to forget this visual identity? Omnipresent in the company and constantly attached to the values ​​of the brand, it is found in every corner of the building, in the form of communication posters and various objects such as pens, diaries, holders keys, cleaning wipes for glasses, chocolates and even teddy bears!

Will you always be closer to your colleagues or brainwashed? This is what we asked Thomas, Schindler’s child for almost five years.
What is certain is that Thomas can not be more equipped! IPhone case, watch, umbrella, sweater, scarf or polar Schindler colors, he uses these objects everyday and out of professional context. What he loves above all is their utilitarian side. A polar is always handy when you go to the mountains. But he also appreciates their promotional side. He is proud to show them to his clients, friends and family. Indeed, he likes this box and would not do it if he was not attached.
But why such a craze for Schindler goodies? Thomas explains that each of these objects allows him to remember an event in particular, the context in which it was offered. And that’s important to him. It is for this reason that, for three years, he has been sporting at home, like a trophy, the model of the Solar Impulse, the culmination of the partnership for the realization of a plane project that went around the world to energy. solar, on which he worked for a long time.

These objects he also appreciates because he is in agreement with the values ​​of his company. Ambition, collaboration, innovation and the recognition of each person’s potential are his own values ​​and, according to him, those of many Schindler employees. After all, it’s not the posters that transmit the values. If they were done, it is because these values ​​already exist in the company and were brought by the employees. However, he doubts that Schindler’s recognition is commensurate with their commitment. It’s good to say it through a poster, but is it enough to thank a collaborator to share his values ​​and keep his motivation?

Freiberg Alexis