Brand vision

This is how the brand looks to the future, this is a bet on the future. To consider a new future is to focus on the reinvention of markets, a new way of acting, rather than highlighting the re-engineering and reconstruction of the organization.

Considering the future can be done through a sentence that begins with “one day…” or “there comes a day when …” (“One day, fabrics will be intelligent, like the chameleon, and adapt to the outdoor temperature and change color depending on the mood of those who wear them…”, “there will come a day when there will be no more personal cars in an urban area, instead, we will introduce car-sharing solutions”).

For example: In 1994, Canon envisioned a future where all senior secretaries would have a photocopier in the office. They had to counter the dominance of Xerox and the power of its service infrastructure. Their response was to reinvent the photocopier, eliminating the need for maintenance and integrating the optical system in a disposable cartridge with a design that significantly reduces costs (cited by Hamel and Prahalad).