Brand Legitimacy

Adapted from Lichtlé et al. (2018) (3 dimensions)

Cognitive legitimacy (7-point scale)

  • Today, brand X acts in accordingly to what it was before
  • Brand X hasn’t altered its actions since its origin
  • Brand X continues its missions just like before
  • Brand X realises missions identical to those it undertook initially

Pragmatic legitimacy (7-point scale)

  •  Brand X’s communication is efficient
  • Brand X’s communication is impactful
  • Brand X’s communication is appropriate

Moral legitimacy (7-point scale)

  • Brand X seeks to defend consumers’ interests
  • Brand X uses its notoriety to bring answers to environmental issues
  • Brand X acts concretely to solve environmental issues
  • Brand X acts towards informing and defending consumers

Lichtlé, M.-C., Nabec, L., Roux, D., & Chevalier, C. (2018). Legitimacy of consumer associations and perceived vulnerability of their users: Effects on intentions to trust consumerist associations. Recherche et Applications En Marketing (English Edition)33(1), 53–72.