Narcissism – 12 items

  • I can become absorbed in thinking about my personal affairs, my health, my care or my relations to others
  • My feelings are easily hurt by ridicule or by the slighting remarks of others
  • When I enter a room I often become self‐conscious and feel that the eyes of others are upon me
  • I dislike sharing the credit of an achievement with others
  • I dislike being with a group unless that I am appreciated by at least one of those present (R)
  • I feel that I am temperamentally different from most people (R)
  • I often interpret the remarks of others in a personal way
  • I easily become wrapped up in my own interests and forget the existence of others
  • I feel that I have enough in my hands without worrying about other people’s troubles
  • I am secretly “put out” when other people come to me with their troubles, asking me for my time and sympathy
  • I talk a good deal about myself, my experiences, my feelings, and my ideas (R)
  • I have great faith in my own ideas and my own initiative (R)

Hendin, H. M., & Cheek, J. M. (1997). Assessing hypersensitive narcissism: A reexamination of Murray’s Narcism Scale. Journal of Research in Personality, 31( 4), 588– 599.