Self Expansion Brought by the Brand

1. This brand expands my vision of things.
2. This brand teaches me new things.
3. This brand gives me new experiences.
4. This brand increases my ability to accomplish new things.
5. With this bank I can accomplish things different from my habits.
6. With this brand I have the feeling to broaden my vision of the world.
7. With this brand I have the impression to reveal new aspects of my person.
8. With this brand I have the feeling to extend my possibilities.
9. This brand allows me to open up to new horizons.
10. This brand expands my knowledge.

7 points scale: 1 = totally disagree, 7 = totally agree

Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., & Aron, A. (2002). The self-expansion scale: Construction and validation. Paper presented at the Third Annual Meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, Savannah, GA