Chair MGCF

The MGCF Research Chair is dedicated to the Management and Governance of Financial Cooperatives. It has three main objectives

    • Federate and advance knowledge on the functioning of cooperatives in the financial sector.
    • Give objective elements of reflection to the decision-makers and representatives of this sector in their discussions with the regulators (policy paper).
    • Identify the specificities of the cooperative sector within the banking sector.

The Marques & Valeurs Chair collaborates with the MGCF Chair in the research axis on the digital transformation of financial cooperatives.

In the cooperative sector: How does digital transformation influence the behavior and attitudes of employees and customers? The research focuses on the changes brought by digitalization since 2011, highlighting the impact on the customer and the place of employees in this evolution. The elements of questioning are the following:

  • Do stakeholders (clients and employees) distinguish between the cooperative status and the capital status of banks? Does this specific status have an influence on the social representation of the bank and the banking world?
  • Does the relationship of customers (employees) to the cooperative bank have an influence on the performance elements of the company (eg attracting talent, positive word of mouth, commitment to the organization …)
  • How, and to what extent does the digitalisation of the customer relationship change the relationship between the customer (the employee) and the bank?

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