Prodimarques is intended to raise awareness of the brands of manufacturers of consumer products. Since 1987, this association, under the 1901 law, has been carrying out communication campaigns with the public and consumers to make them aware of the contribution of the brand industries to the community. Prodimarques promotes a better knowledge of brands of manufacturers by offering various folders and educational documents available on its website and by publishing the Trademark Review. Prodimarques brings together more than seventy groups of brand manufacturers, food and non-food, among the largest in France and worldwide.

By Gilles Pacault, Vice President and
Sophie Palauqui, Marketing Manager

“Prodimarques supports the Brand and Values ​​Chair because it believes it is important not only to foster the link between the academic world and the corporate world, but also to establish constructive and lasting relationships with teaching and research teams in order to develop ‘deepen expertise on the issues of brands of manufacturers. “