Référence DMD : Direction Marketing & Digitale à Temps Partagé Augmenté®

SMEs and ETis Digital transformation and Marketing is essential but challenging. The core issue remains to ensure they have access to a Digital & Marketing Manager highly qualified to accompany and support them in the formulation and implementation of their marketing and digital strategy.

Référence DMD’s Digital & Marketing Managers, in Increased® time-sharing, intervene in the following aspects:

  • Strategical: strategic alignment of the marketing and digital plan
  • Tactical: the implementation of the marketing and digital plan
  • Steering: Team, budget and performance management

For the SMEs and ETIs it is the opportunity to now have access to high-level resources whose performance is enhanced by the added value of a very experienced team of professionals and by a Group. 

  • 100% integrated manager for the time needed
  • Flexibility with an allocated post and budget optimization
  • Increased efficiency by the expertise, and the co-construction of pragmatic solutions and experience feedbacks of an entire team

Référence DMD assist SMEs and ETIs in the 3 Marketing & Digital key functions:

  1. Marketing & Digital Management
  2. E-Business Management
  3. Chief Technology Officer

Contact : https://www.referencedmd.com/