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The Art of Successful Brand Collaborations

Routledge, 2020

Michel, G. & Willing, R


The Art of Successful Brand Collaborations: Partnerships with Artists, Designers, Museums, Territories, Sports, Celebrities, Science, Good Cause… and More Brand collaborations are widely considered the art of the perfect match. This book is a guide to understanding the process of brand coll...

When special rewards in loyalty programs enrich consumer-brand relationships: The role of self-expansion

Psychology & Marketing, 2020

Gorlier T. & Michel G.


Although brands offer different kinds of rewards through their loyalty programs, little is known about how they can impact consumer-brand relationships and brand attitude. How do loyalty program rewards influence the consumer-brand relationship? And which kinds of rewards establish or maintain cl...

When Family Dining Protects Against Sweet Food Consumption… And When It Does Not

Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2020

Laporte M.-E., Rieunier S. & Michel G.


The World Health Organization recommends reducing sugar intake in order to improve one’s health. In this spirit, the aim of the present research is to test the impact that dining as a family has on the consumption of sweet food and to compare the results with the impact of dining alone or with fr...

Création, protection et transmission des marques : un point de vue juridique

Entrepreneur à l’université, éditions ems, 2019

Le Floch P. & Michel G.

Book chapter

Social media communications and festival brand equity: Millennials vs Centennials

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2019

Llopis-Amoros M.-P., Gil-Saura I., Ruiz-Molina E.M. & Fuentes-Blasco M.


The proliferation of live music festivals in Spain has involved for festival managers the need to differentiate their events, creating brand equity through marketing communications, especially in social media. Given the variability in the ages of festival attendees, the present paper aims at anal...