The consistency management of luxury brands narratives on the internet: a semiotic study and comparative analysis of leather goods and jewerly sectors

Revue Française du Marketing (2012)
Authors: N. Veg-Sala and A. Geerts

The aim of this paper is to shed light on how luxury brands portray their values on their website and explore how the Internet can strengthen or dilute their narratives. The purpose is therefore to examine how to manage the consistency of brand narratives on the Internet, and this, in a comparative sector approach. A semiotic methodology with case studies is conducted. The results show that the Internet is not incompatible with luxury features and it
constitutes a communication support able to reinforce luxury brand narratives. It depends on how it is used, and this irrespective of the types of products.
Keywords: Luxury Brands, Internet, Consistency, Brand Narratives, Semiotics