Salesperson–Brand Relationship: Main dimensions and impact within the context of private brand retailing

Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (2017)
Authors: Géraldine Michel, Michaela Merk et Sevgin Eroglu

Private branding is considered one of the most effective and efficient influencers of retailers’ return on investment in their fiercely competitive industry. However, no study to date has examined these brands’ impact on salespeople’s motivation and commitment to their own employer. This study, based upon extensive qualitative and quantitative research, shows that salespeople’s relationships with their private brands can be influential in increasing their selling motivation and organizational commitment. Toward this end, our study first identifies the three important dimensions of salesperson–brand relationship (affect, trust, perceived customer recognition due to the brand) and develops their measures. Second, the findings show that salesperson–brand relationships, which exist between the retail frontline employees and retailers’ private brand, strongly influence sales motivation and firm commitment with a moderating influence of role clarity regarding management’s expectations from its salespeople.