Margaret Josion-Portail

Associate Professor, IAE Gustave Eiffel, University Paris Est, Créteil

Margaret Josion-Portail is a senior lecturer at the IAE Gustave Eiffel, Paris-Est Créteil University, and a member of the IRG laboratory. Her research focuses on intergenerational transmission in the area of ​​consumption, the consumption behavior of children and the effects of aging. She is particularly interested in the concepts of transmission and generativity in the elderly. Prior to her teaching and research activities, she participated in the creation of the first French scanned distributor panel – “InfoScan”, and worked as a Consultant in retail and consumer brands at IRI, in France and in the United Kingdom.

Research Fields

  • Intergenerational Transmission
  • Practices of Purchase and Family Consumption
  • Brands and Generations
  • Social Responsibility of Brands


Children, packaging and on-pack nutritional information: an exploratory study, Revista Portuguesa Marketing, 2012, vol. 27, (Josion-Portal M.)

Book Chapters

Relationships between consumers and brands: Transversal Management of the Brand, Dunod, in (dir). Géraldine Michel, 2013, (Josion-Portal M. and Julienne E.)


How to promote intergenerational transmission of “good eating”? Towards new levers at the service of brands and public authorities, 32nd AFM Congress, 2016, Lyon, May (Margaret Josion-Portail and Géraldine Michel)

How is transgenerational capital formed within families? Singularity of the Grandparents’ Role, 29th AFM Congress, 16-17 May 2013, La Rochelle (Josion-Portal M.)

Children, packaging and on-pack nutritional information: an exploratory study, Marketing Conference, 2012, Porto, Portugal (Josion-Portal M.)

Child-consumer food socialization: why grandparents matter ;, 5th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Childhood and Teen Consumption, 2012, Milan, Italy (Josion-Portal M.)

Publications in Trade press

Generations: Opportunities and Issues for Brands ;, Brand Review, No. 85, January 2014 (Josion-Portal M.)