Nathalie Veg-Sala

Associate Professor,
University Paris Nanterre

Her research focuses on brand management, exploring the potential for brand extension and managing the consistency of luxury brands in the face of the Internet and e-commerce. Her work is mainly based on structural semiotics. A PhD titul obtained from the Paris Dauphine University, Nathalie Veg-Sala teaches brand management and the different components of marketing.

Research Fields

  • Management of Luxury Brands and Internet (e-commerce)
  • Brand Management
  • The Potential for Brand Extension
  • Luxury
  • Semiotics
  • Communication
  • Diversity and Leadership Management


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Chapters of books

Brand Gender and Market Innovation Strategies: What are the Implications for Trademark Management?, coordinated by Nicolas Mottis, The Art of Innovation, The Harmattan, Organization Design and Dynamics Collection , 2007, (Nyeck, Simon and Nathalie Veg)

The communication policies of watch brands during the extensions of “man-woman” ranges, Watch communication, Strategies and new technologies, Edited by Kalust Zorik and François Courvoisier, Editions Lep, 2009, (Veg, Nathalie), available at:

The new watchmaking consumers: proposing a typology, The watchmaking user in a changing world , Edited by Kalust Zorik and François Courvoisier, Editions Lep, 2010, (Veg, Nathalie), available on: