Globalization, Culture and BrandingHow to Leverage Cultural Equity for Building Iconic Brands in the Era of Globalization

Carlos Torelli

Palgrave, 2013

With globalization, the marketplace is becoming increasingly complex for marketers to navigate. During this new century, globalization has brought dramatic changes to both the supply (i.e., brands that are offered) and demand (i.e., consumers’ values and desires) sides of markets. A prolife...

The Most Powerful Brand On Earth

Chris Boudreaux et Susan Emerick

Prentice Hall, 2013

Comment transformer les équipes, responsabiliser les employés, Intégrer les partenaires et mobiliser les clients pour battre la concurrence Présentation Les entreprises pionnières ont démontré qu’une main d’œuvre plus sociale pouvait considérablement développer la notoriété de la marq...

Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice

Susan Fournier, Michael Breazeale and Marc Fetscherin

Routledge, 2012

The creation and management of customer relationships is fundamental to the practice of marketing. Marketers have long maintained a keen interest in relationships: what they are, why they are formed, what effects they have on consumers and the marketplace, how they can be measured and when and ho...

Brand Champions: How Superheroes bring Brands to Life

Ian Buckingham

Palgrave, 2011

A case-study based guide which showcases the individuals within organizations who nurture and sustain brands and bring them to life through their everyday performance. Critical enough to remain credible yet overwhelmingly positive, it is a charismatic illustration of how to achieve true brand eng...

From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation

Leslie de Chernatony

BH, 2011

Seeing the world’s biggest brands gain ground over the world’s markets, you can’t deny that the 25,000 students in the UK studying marketing will never understand their subject without knowing how branding works. This is THE key scholarly text in this crucial topic, an already h...