Consumer brand engagement and its social side on brand-hosted social media: how do they contribute to brand loyalty?

Journal of Marketing Management (2019)
Auteurs : A. Helme-Guizon and F. Magnoni

Social media offer brands new opportunities to interact with their customers. This paper focuses on consumer brand engagement (CBE) and its social facet in the context of brand-hosted social media. It highlights that CBE (consumer–brand interactions encompassing cognitive, affective and behavioural dimensions) and brand-based consumer–consumer interactions (social brand engagement (SBE)) lead to brand loyalty intentions. Brand customers were surveyed about their favourite brands on Facebook. Results indicate that self-brand connections and SBE are two drivers of CBE, and that CBE is the key element in inducing brand loyalty. In addition, configural analysis shows that high brand loyalty can be achieved through several combinations of social and CBE with various levels of cognitive, affective and behavioural engagement.

KEYWORDS: Consumer brand engagement, social brand engagement, social media, brand loyalty, fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA)