From Brand Identity to Polysemous Brands: Commentary on Performing Identities: Processes of Brand and Skakeholder Identity Co-Construction

Journal of Business Research (2016)
Auteurs : Géraldine Michel

The commentary endorses the view of brands as complex social relations that develop among a multitude of
enacted stakeholder identities and discusses in what ways this perspective may lead to a novel paradigm of
brand building – one that highlights the dynamic and fluid character of brand identity. The author underlines
the importance of better understanding the many ways in which (internal and external) stakeholders can
contribute to brand identity construction. Suggesting how this novel brand building paradigm can contribute
to resolving confusions stemming fromcurrent misunderstandingswithin the branding literature, the commentary
sees the opening of a newavenue of fascinating research questions that can lead to a better understanding of
stakeholders’ roles in the construction of polysemous brands identities