Luxury Brand on Internet: An Analysis of Websites Dimensions and Websites Typology’s Evolution

33ème Congrès International de l'Association Française du Marketing, Tours (2017)
Auteurs : Nathalie Veg-Sala et Angy Geerts

Dealing with the digital era in the luxury sector and the luxury inherent paradoxes between selectivity and diffusion, several research have studied the strategies implemented by the luxury brands on the Internet and especially the dimensions on which websites rely. These constitute an important starting point but need to be updated as technologies are moving fast. Thus, the purpose of this research is (1) to analyze the potential remanence of the luxury brands websites dimensions identified in previous research and (2) to nderstand how luxury brands websites have evolved. In this perspective, a quantitative methodology has been stablished. 81 luxury brand websites have been audited following the same structure than previous research in order to be able to compare the results. The results show that luxury websites dimensions are globally stable. Moreover, the luxury brands websites have hanged little in terms of e-shopping but dramatically in terms of interactivity and usability. These results are discussed based on previous research on the luxury brands websites and the perceptions of luxury consumers.