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Lessons from nearly a century of the Brand Management System

Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 2018

Aimé I., Berger-Remy F. et Laporte M-E.


Purpose – The aim of this essay is to perform a historical analysis of the Brand Management System (BMS) in order to understand why and how, over the past century, the BMS has become the dominant marketing organizational model across Western countries and sectors and what the lessons are that can be learned from history […]

Economie-Droit. Prépas ECT. 1re et 2e année. Cours, méthodes, sujets.

ouvrage collectif, 2018



Armor Lux: une PME face à la mondialisation

Economie et Management, 2018


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2015,154, 46, (Agostini J.)

Entre crainte et désir pour les objets connectés : Comprendre l’ambivalence des consommateurs

Décisions Marketing, n°86 (avril – juin), 31- 46., 2018

Caroline Ardelet, Nathalie Veg-Sala, Alain Goudey et Marie Haikel-Elsabeh

The impact of stereotyped and non-stereotyped brand genders on cross-gender extension evaluations

Journal of Marketing Management, Vol 2, n°2, 60 – 74. (2017), 2018

Nathalie Veg-Sala