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Le 24 Faubourg et autres lieux sacrés du luxe: Une étude de la sacralisation des magasins de luxe

30e Congrès International de l’AFM-Association Française du Marketing, 2014

Dion D. et Borraz S.


When do Ad Parodies Hurt? The Power of Humor and Credibility In Viral Spoof Advertisements

Journal of Advertising Research, 2014

Ouidade Sabri et Géraldine Michel


How harmful is a parody for the target brand? To address this question, the current study focuses on negative ad parodies created by amateurs and spread through social media. It examines the types of consumers for whom and contexts in which negative ad parodies will negatively affect attention, attitudes, purchase intentions, and intentions to pass […]

Brand Personification Through the Use of Spokespeople: An Exploratory Study of Ordinary Employees, CEOs, and Celebrities Featured in Advertising

Psychology & Marketing, 2014

Nathalie Fleck, Géraldine Michel et Valérie Zeitoun


Personifying a brand through the use of a spokesperson is a strategy that some companies use to humanize their brands. Three of the ways that such personification is accomplished in advertising is by ads featuring celebrities, “regular people” (such as everyday consumers or persons employed by the brand), and company founders or CEOs as spokespeople. […]

Why negative brand extension evaluations do not always negatively affect the brand : the role of central and peripheral brand associations

Journal of Business Research, 2014

Géraldine Michel et Naveen Donthu


This research introduces the concept of brand association centrality and distinguishes central brand associations (CBAs) and peripheral brand associations (PBAs). The first study shows that the perceived fit of a brand extension is influenced by the consistency with CBAs and PBAs. However, the brand extension consistency with CBAs positively affects consumer brand extension evaluations, while […]

Home Sweet Messy Home: Managing Domestic Symbolic Pollution

Journal of Consumer Research, 2014

Delphine Dion, Ouidade Sabri et Valérie Guillard


Hanging up our coat, tidying our desk, classifying our books, what meanings do these mundane practices convey? Extending Mary Douglas’s work, this article investigates tidiness from the angle of symbolic pollution. Based on photo-elicitation, it shows that, similarly to symbolic pollution described at a macro-social level, tidiness depends on two conditions, namely, a set of […]