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Création, protection et transmission des marques : un point de vue juridique

Entrepreneur à l’université, éditions ems, 2019

Le Floch P. & Michel G.

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Social media communications and festival brand equity: Millennials vs Centennials

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2019

Llopis-Amoros M.-P., Gil-Saura I., Ruiz-Molina E.M. & Fuentes-Blasco M.


The proliferation of live music festivals in Spain has involved for festival managers the need to differentiate their events, creating brand equity through marketing communications, especially in social media. Given the variability in the ages of festival attendees, the present paper aims at analyzing the moderating role of the generational cohort in the influence of […]

Understanding brand equity in hotel firms. What is the role of brand loyalty and satisfaction?

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2019

Šerić M., Gil-Saura I.


Purpose This paper aims to focus on examining the relationships between hotel brand equity (BE), brand satisfaction (BS) and brand loyalty, considering both behavioral loyalty (BL) and attitudinal loyalty (AL). These relationships are tested through seven causal models, i.e. one proposed model (PM) and six alternative models (AMs). Design/methodology/approach The fieldwork was conducted among 360 […]

Effects of value and innovation on brand equity in retailing

Journal of Brand Management, 2019

Moliner-Velázquez B., Fuentes-Blasco M. & Gil-Saura I.


This paper analyses retailer brand equity on the basis of two variables that are particularly relevant in marketing: the perception of value, because of its renewed interest for retailing, and retail innovativeness, because it is a recent line of research with interesting challenges. Considering Holbrook’s (Consumer value: a framework for analysis and research. London: Routledge, 1999) […]

Influence of environmental practices on brand equity, satisfaction and word of mouth

Journal of Brand Management, 2019

Simona Moise M., Gil-Saura I., Seric M. & Ruiz Molina M.E.


In developed countries, a growing number of consumers have been looking for environmentally sustainable products and services. As a response to this demand, hotel managers are increasingly striving to implement sustainable practices to meet the needs of their guests, improve hotel image and create brand equity. However, empirical evidence on the existence of a positive […]