Marque socialement responsable

How descriptive are the following adjectives of the brand [brand name] :

  • Fair, compassionate, human, caring

Grohmann B., Bodur H. O. (2015), Brand Social Responsibility: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Outcomes, Journal of Business Ethics ,131 (2): 375‑99

  • This brand ensures that local people benefit from its contributions.
  • This brand sponsors and finances voluntary service.
  • This brand integrates charitable contributions into its business activities.
  • This brand help solve the social problems.
  • This brand regularly makes donations to charity.
  • This brand is actively involved in the community.
  • This brand is committed to ethics principles

Bigné E., Currás‐Pérez R., Aldás‐Manzano J. (2012), Dual Nature of Cause‐brand Fit: Influence on Corporate Social Responsibility Consumer Perception, European Journal of Marketing, 46 (3/4): 575‑94.