Globalization, Culture and BrandingHow to Leverage Cultural Equity for Building Iconic Brands in the Era of Globalization

Palgrave (2013)
Carlos Torelli

With globalization, the marketplace is becoming increasingly complex for marketers to navigate. During this new century, globalization has brought dramatic changes to both the supply (i.e., brands that are offered) and demand (i.e., consumers’ values and desires) sides of markets. A proliferation of global brands from developed and emerging economies brings diverse cultures to a consumer population that is also growing culturally diverse. Torelli illustrates how marketers can take advantage of these seismic changes and leverage cultural equity for building iconic brands in the era of globalization. Drawing from novel theoretical insights in social psychology, cultural psychology, and marketing, this book provides guidelines for imbuing brands with culturally symbolic meanings that can create deep psychological bonds with multi-cultural consumers. Veering from past publications that have conducted broad reviews of international or global marketing best-practices, it zooms in on the issues involved in growing and protecting brand equity in multi-cultural markets.