Thoughts from the world of branding – Bruce Hallas & Géraldine Michel

An organisation needs values but it also needs to enrich those values through a diverse workforce. You open up to wider opportunities and ways of thinking when you enrich the values of your company. While challenging, it helps your organisation thrive. To help clear this up, and open up a broader discussion on how brand directors and managers go about market awareness, influencing behaviours and shaping culture, I reached out to the guest Geraldine Michel. Géraldine is full Professor of Marketing, Dean of research at the Sorbonne Business School, and chair holder of the research chair ‘Brand & Values’. She has published numerous books in her area of research. She also tells a great story helping us re-think the human factor. Listen to my full conversation with Géraldine Michel here where we apply learning from branding onto security education.

Key Topics

  • What is branding.
  • The difference in between branding and marketing.
  • Branding and values.
  • Branding directors and managers. What their objectives are when it comes to their markets behaviour and culture.
  • Brand culture.
  • Brand management.
  • Brand identity.

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