Géraldine Michel

Professor, IAE Paris, Director of Brands and Values Chair, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Professor at the IAE of Paris, author of two books on the brand including At the heart of the brand , Géraldine Michel has been working on the subject of the brand for more than 15 years . She published numerous articles in the field of the brand in international journals such as Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing Journal, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Brand Management, Research and Applications in Marketing. She is particularly interested in the role of brands to consumers and employees in terms of social psychology. She teaches brand management in France and abroad. Her research has been awarded several times: Prix de l’article Marketing by Syntec Conseil en Management, Thesis Prize of the Académie des Sciences Commerciales …

Research Fields

  • Brand Management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Social Representations


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Book Chapters

Création, protection et transmission des marques : un point de vue juridique, in Entrepreneurs à l’université, (Editions ems), 2019, Le Floch P.  & G. Michel

The New Paradigm of Digital Proximity for Cooperative Banks, in New Cooperative Banking in Europe. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.  (2018). Gorlier T., Michel G., Zeitoun V.

Logorama: from logo to graphic work, in When artists seize brands , 2015, G.Michel and S. Borraz, Dunod (labeled Fnege)

Speedy Graphito: the mark between artist’s play and connivance, in When artists seize brands , 2015, G.Michel and S. Borraz, Dunod (labeled FNEGE)

Mathilde Troussard: the brand and the fairy tale, in When artists seize brands , 2015, G.Michel and S. Borraz, Dunod (labeled Fnege)


Since 2010 – Award of Scientific Excellence (Ministry of Higher Education, every 4 years)

2009 – The Syntec Management Consulting Award, “Vertical Scale Extension Strategy: Analyzing the Brand’s Halo Effect According to Scale Levels”.

1999 – Subsidy from the Ministry of National Education and Research for publication of the book “Extension Strategy” Vuibert edition.

1997 – The Paul Nicolas Prize, Ph Dissertation “The impact of brand extension on the brand: contribution of the central core theory on the analysis of the Internet structure of the image of Mark “.

1994 – The AACC (Association of Consulting and Communication Agencies) prize for the “sales promotion and public services” master’s degree.